Ward Rd. (Volunteer) Park UPDATE

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We NEED your help if you would like to see family friendly recreational opportunities in Calvert County!

There is an important planning meeting coming up…

The Calvert County Division of Parks and Recreation and Division of Natural Resources are hosting a public meeting Thursday, Oct. 2, 7 p.m., at the Northeast Community Center in Chesapeake Beach to present the final draft of the master plan for a new park to be located on Ward Road in Dunkirk.

As you may recall a couple of months back there was a meeting by the park planners hired by the county to gather community input on the plan for the new park on Ward Rd. and develop a master plan.

At that meeting the CCTC presented a packet of material regarding the inclusion of a multi-use, natural surface trail system utilizing the perimeter and otherwise unusuable portions of the park, as well as, a bicycle skills park. The idea was well received by both the planners and community.

“Meadows said at Tuesday’s meeting that in emails and through survey results, the desire for more trails was mentioned 85 times.” Reference: http://www.somdnews.com/article/20140620/NEWS/140629845/1057/planning-begins-for-new-ward-road-park-in-dunkirk&template=southernMaryland

From what we at CCTC have been able to glean it appears the idea of an uninterrupted multi-use natural surface trail system suitable for off-road cycling, hiking, walking, trail running, and family-use has NOT made the final cut of the draft presented to the Calvert County Commissioners.

CCTC has been in contact with Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt who has stated he is strongly in favor of and will lobby for the inclusion of a bike trail around the perimeter of the new park in Dunkirk.

Side note: You may recall Commissioner Slaughenhoupt was instrumental in the next day repair of the Chaney Rd. potholes that sent one of our fellow road cyclists to shock trauma few weeks back via helicopter after a bad fall.

So we have two action items…

#1 – Plan to attend the upcoming meeting on (see details above). If you can’t make the meeting, please take a minute to email the Calvert County Commissioners (email addresses below) informing them you feel that a connected, multi-use, natural surface trail system should be a priority item.

Commissioner Gerald W. “Jerry” Clark – clarkgw@co.cal.md.us
Commissioner Pat Nutter – nutterph@co.cal.md.us
Commissioner Susan Shaw – shaws@co.cal.md.us
Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt – slaughek@co.cal.md.us
Commissioner Steve Weems – weemssr@co.cal.md.us

#2 – We need to thank Commissioner Slaughenhoupt for his efforts to see this trail system addressed in the master plan. He is championing the cause for healthy outdoor recreational opportunities in Calvert County.

The trail system the Calvert Cycling & Trail Coalition has proposed would primarily occupy portions of the park that are unusable for other purposes such sloping areas, hills, etc. Please also note that it can be built and maintained by grant money, private funds, and volunteer manpower – a true public/private partnership. It is an affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly recreational opportunity for not only cyclists, but also hikers, walkers, trail runners, families, scouts, and school groups.

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On September 22, 2014

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