New Roadway Signage in Calvert County

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Calling all Calvert Cyclists: Please provide suggestions for roadways worthy of the new R4-11 signs. I have been spearheading an effort, in conjunction with representatives from the State of MD. We would like to follow-suit with recent endeavors in AA County.

This is my second query. Dalrymple was previously voted by some as a prime candidate due to its typical annual volume of cyclists, traffic volume, terrain, speed limit, and significant visibility issues. Also, it is a staple route in two of the County’s largest cycling events (End Hunger and the Bay Country Century).

We could use consensus on at least one other roadway. Calvert has a VERY small budget for these signs, and we don’t want to overdo our requests at this point. This is merely a foot-in-the-door to advocate for cycling safety in our own backyard.

Please provide suggestions and your rationale for specific roadways in Calvert. Perhaps one in the Southern end of the county would lend to balance.

Thank you for advocating for Cycling Safety! Please reply with roadway suggestions/rationale only.

(Originally posted to Facebook group by Sue Estes)

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On February 20, 2014

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